Gyebi .N. Botwe

In the beginning, when you heard
the good news preached and saw
the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
save you. You never ceased to pray
and give thanks unto him because
you cherished your relationship 
with God more than anything.
You walked around telling people
about how God's mighty grace 
saved you from your sinful nature.
You felt the love and peace through
his spirit at work in you,
You knew in your heart of hearts
that God was with you.
You were not ashamed of the gospel,
You were persecuted but you remained joyful,
You got beaten, you cried, but still remained joyful,
You were seen as a fool but you knew that
"God chose the foolish things of the world
  to shame the wise, God chose the weak 
  things of the world to shame the strong".
You were not ashamed of the gospel,
You knew it was the power of God that 
brings salvation to everyone who believes.

What happened to you beloved?
What changed you? 
What caused you to compromise?
At one point you believed,
At one point you loved God,
At one point, you abounded in grace!
Did God wrong you in anyway?
Is it because God lifted you up?
Is it because God blessed you?
Is it because you never heard him
while you suffered persecution?
God certainly isn't silent,
God watches you in every way,
You are never a thought shy from his mind.
He thinks of you, He sees you changed
and it saddens him.
You have left the faith in search 
for your own passions and fame,
You have hardened your heart
like an unbreakable rock but 
you are weak, admit it!

You have made God sad, 
You left the church but God 
will raise up people to work for him.
You must know this beloved,
Working for God is actually 
for your own good.
You get to see him on that day
and realize how blessed it was to 
spend your whole life working for him.
But you think your eyes are open,
I am rich you say, but no!
You are poor, you can't sleep.
You work hard but it's to no avail,
You toil all night, thinking you 
can make it all by yourself and 
get the praises from men but 
it's still to no avail.
You now want men approval to survive,
you are the weakest of all.

For it is written,
"Yet i hold this against you,
  You have forsaken the love at first,
  Consider how far you have fallen!
  Repent and do the things you did at first,
  If you do not repent, i will come to you 
  and remove your lampstand from its place".

God is saying to you today beloved,
"Come back to your first love,
  The love that made you skip a beat,
  You never paid heed to the critics
  neither did you want man's approval,
  The Lord is saying to you o beloved,
 for i will give you the grace 
  to become strong as you were.
Beloved, it is time to come back,
It is time to rise from the pit and
restore your love for God again.
God is ever willing to restore 
unto you the time wasted, 
therefore come now brethren,
Come to your FIRST LOVE.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much bro...stay bless

    2. It's perfect to me,,,great job,,,I pray, God take u to that height u want to be,,,,because this is the best thing one can ever do,,,,CALLING PEOPLE BACK TO CHRIST,,,,,u are blessed paa

  2. God bless the wonderful works you are doing..... my he take you to higher grounds


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