Gyebi .N. Botwe

Beloved in Christ, you know very well
that God's grace saved us from the
sinful nature we were born into.
He bath and cloth us with His glory
that we might also be partakers of 
his true nature which is incorruptible.
Our Lord Jesus, who came to dwell
among us always saw the needs 
of people. He was filled and moved
with compassion at many points 
in his journey on earth.
The way he humbled himself,
spoke and loved people were 
one to savor. He never misjudged
the Gentiles who weren't even part
of  God's chosen.
He visited and ate with them despite
the murmurs and complaints from 
the jews, especially the Pharisees 
who thought they knew God.
Our Lord Jesus loved sinners
and at the same time hated sin.

He not only healed and performed
glorious miracles but he became 
a miracle also!
We read in the scriptures about
how just some few words from his
mouth would change hearts and souls.
Like in the case of Zacchaeus in
Luke 19:1-10,
Jesus only said
"Zacchaeus, come down immediately.
 I must stay at your house today".
This changed the world of Zacchaeus
and made him repent, he even
promised half of his possessions to 
the poor and pay back four times
to those he had cheated.
Beloved, Jesus didn't perform any
the miracle here but all he did was
to visit someone who needs salvation.
Jesus saw the need, and if we are
part of his disciples, we too must
become a miracle just like him.

"For God has no hands to heal except
 our hands, no voice to encourage
 except for our voice, no arms to hug
 except for our arms".
Let us become a blessing to others,
Let us become a miracle especially 
to those in need.
To the rich or poor, young or old,
male or female.
God sees the little things that we do, 
and he will reward us in due season.


  1. great sayings...
    lets also put smile on people's face

  2. Amazing
    Good job dear

  3. Wow very deep. God bless you

  4. Everyone needs these pills. Beautiful 🌺

  5. A very great read and I enjoyed every bit of it!!

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  8. Thank you for this piece which shifts our attention to the core of our Christian values.


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