by Gyebi .N. Botwe

Why are you moving about son?
Why the restlessness?
It's dark son, you should
begin the journey.
The journey that leads to dreams.
For how much is it worth
for the body to function well.
You need rest to erase the turmoil 
rubbed on you during the day,
Even science has proven that
sleepless nights and days
can affect your world
And so is why i wouldn't like
to tell you stories, i'd like to 
see you travel to the dreamland soon.

It's dark, get in bed.
Move! quickly, don't hesistate.
What's troubling your mind?
Why the fearful face?
Worry not son, am here with you.
God is also here with you.
I know darkness and i know 
how troubling is it to not see the light.
Light is everything to us,
Light is lovely, wonderful with such 
joy it brings and the smile it creates.

I know of rich men, whom society gives all
their respect and attention, people whom at the mention
of their names, everyone can't get enough of,
I have seen such people and how sad it is for
them to get some sleep, how sad my son.
They can't even get a good night sleep!
Something you and I take for granted,
I have seen great men of faith,
Believers of the gospel and preachers as well.
They abandon a night sleep worth every life to human
In the name of "am in debt, I lack, am broke,
There's no way out of this problem,"
Real and true believers who ought to keep 
their heads up high and continue to trust.
How sad my son, how sad it is.

I have seen the poor, people with nothing.

Absolutely nothing! nothing to call 
a property just a low class life,
I have seen such people sleep 
and enjoy every moment despite the hardships,
They smile all along their days as though
they have everything together!
And I have also seen the same poor people
with nothing and still can't sleep.
They also have things that keep them awake,
Son, this is what I call perspective.
Life is not as easy as you may think 
but it's based on everyone's view.
Believe it or not, it's a choice!

Sleep like a baby, for they worry of nothing.
They believe everything is fine and cool,
Quit carrying the world and it's problems to sleep,
It changes nothing, it does nothing but only drown your health,
You are too young for this, be like a baby.
Sleep son, sleep;
For there's darkness but don't worry.
Sleep son, sleep;
Protect your secret place from this void.
Sleep son, sleep;
For how much worth is a good night sleep?


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