by Gyebi .N. Botwe

You look into your thoughts
And you feel very great,
You feel you are in the right time
to achieve everything you've ever dreamed.
You just begin to believe that 
all your hard work is paying off.
And then it happens, you are here,
In a place full of possibilities.
And then the next moment
you have lost it all.
You start to think, what next?
You start to believe all is gone,
Then suddenly you begin to have doubts,
So you lose the believe, the hope, the faith!
And then you become lost in your own thoughts,
Those free wild imaginations and dreams you had
becomes a shadow to you.
And then all of the sudden,
You don't remember yourself anymore,
You forget your identity.
The passion has been washed and sucked out of  you.
And then you get to a point,
You suddenly believe the negative 
that all is wrong, that life sucks,
that you've hit rock bottom,
that all your dreams have come to an end.
And just before you believe in the negative,
Let me just whisper this to you,
You are strong enough to start all over again.


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