by Gyebi .N. Botwe

keep me near the cross oh lord,
keep me close to your throne.
Fill my heart with your fire
and surround me with your love.
For it is you who is the creator
of my soul, i long for you.
It is your love divine that found
me while i was in my sin,
my sin of not knowing your son
but then your spirit came to me 
on that balmy night.
You sent a friend!
A friend who wouldn't give up
until your message resounds in my heart.
and then your spirit convicted me.

Your spirit divine rushed 
into me like a mighty force
taking me sideways until i could
move no more, and finally!
Stable i became with tears 
i could not resist, guilty as charged
i stand on all grounds.
A sinner with a dead end,
A sinner with a fruitless nature,
A sinner with a hopeless future,
A sinner with hatred has been born a new.
Hurray! Let the angels rejoice in heaven
for the Lord's grace has found me.

So if i am alive today lord!
It is for your glory;oh king!
I wouldn't boast of my wisdom,
my knowledge is nothing before thine eyes.
as it is written,
"Let the one who boasts boast in the lord"
so i will most gladly boast in the lord
for it is he who hath saved me. 


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