by Gyebi .N. Botwe

My brothers and sisters,
Jesus Christ who is the saviour
and the hope to which we are
called has given us the victory.
God through Christ has given us 
the victory we awaited long before
we were predestined to exist.
As it is written,
"Thanks be to God, who gives us
the victory through our Lord Jesus."
The victory we have is not partial,
No, it's never been so. 
We do not have to stress ourselves 
to be victorious, even our faith
has overcome the world.
When we set our minds on the victory
we have in our Lord, he begins to fill
us with peace like never before.
An everlasting peace that human
hands can never achieve.
Let no man rob you of your right
in the Lord.

While we sinners were overshadowed
by darkness, the Lord God through his
beloved son reconciled us back to him
without counting our sins against us.
In him we have redemption and 
the forgiveness of sins.
For when Jesus died, we died with him
and when the father resurrected him,
We were also raised from the dead with him.
So now, we stand before God not guilty,
we are declared righteous not because
we did any good. For what good was 
in us while we were sinners?
We are in right standing with God
based on the faith and trust we placed
in the begotten son.
Now, we must have this mentality,
a new mindset which the devil can't 
use against us,not even our past.
We are redeemed! We are saved!
This is our new mindset in Christ.

For Christ is our path to redemption,
Christ is our path to freedom!
Christ died on the cross as a permanent
atonement for our sins.
And through the cross we have been 
delivered, not only from sin but
from mental slavery,bondage,
evil oppression,depression,fear 
and anxiety.
For it is written,
"He disarmed the rulers and 
authorities and put them to open
shame, by triumphing over them
in him."
Beloved, know this once and for all,
We are free and victorious in Christ. 
A total victory in Christ.


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