Gyebi .N. Botwe

How great is our God
who saves us day and day
even after our sin and mess.
How great is this God we serve?
He calls us despite our iniquities!
He is too good, too merciful,
too gracious to us.
Beloved, cling unto him and
draw near to him for he is closer
than we think.
As the scripture says,
"Draw near to God, 
and he will draw near to you".
Do not think too far my brethren,
Do not search too far, he is closer.
God is willing to use you for his will,
He is willing to fellowship with you,
He is willing to walk with you
through and through.
Draw near beloved, draw close.

For God through Christ reconciled 
and is reconciling the world back
to himself, he wants to restore us.
Take a deep look at God,
He goes around every corner 
in this world searching for us,
wanting us to come to him
not with guilt but knowing that
he is God who forgives.
Having the knowledge of what 
his pure grace can do for us.
He will transform you for his
name sake, he will shape you
for his purpose sake.
Draw close brothers, 
don't be left behind.
Come with your sins,failures,
Do not think of being perfect first,
for he the Lord will perfect us
into doing good.
Draw close o brethren,
come and taste the goodness
of the Lord our God


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