by Gyebi .N. Botwe

All life's in ages,
like the world, in stages.
From the days in the
warm womb till delivery,
There are amazing moments
that fills the new born with 
awesome songs of cries.
From the first taste of air
to being a father's heir,
From being heard by close ones
to being heard by no one,
Death is the bitter last taste.
The last taste of it all.
Oh life! Oh death!
They contradict, but at first 
sight is celebrating and
jubilation, and then the
sorrows crawls and swims
us into mourning at the end.
As it is written;
"It is appointed unto man to die."
Hence the need to spend 
this useful time and moment wisely.

At first the infant, the baby!
The first sight of existence!
The first ever feeling!
He is welcomed with joy 
to mother earth but he cries,
he cries as to a reason we don't know.
A reason of departing from
a warm and shelted womb,
He speaks a language nobody understands
but only him enjoys those 
lovely sounds and laughter,
Perhaps! A self language.
He mewls in the arms of mummy
and he enjoys those lovely
throated ease of lullabies,
He yearns for the sweet milk
from the breast, 
oh how nice the taste! Sweet scented.
Nicely drank into the system for
melodious energy and strength.
And lastly, the best feeling ever,
he becomes comfortable with 
mother earth with time,
not evening missing his old abode.

And then the young man,
Full of strength and pride,
Ready to explore more as he
realises his days at home are numbered.
So he finds himself a love,
to whom he says to himself;
"She is the one I love,
The true one I will give
my all to be with and as
well love till the end."
Full of sweet words, ready to show 
love to his lover.
Ready to die for love even when it kills,
Ready to set her on heights and hills,
To make her sit on golden seats
And proclaim to the world
she's the queen of castles.
And she! Ever willing to become 
one with him, the true man she says.
I have found the true man,
And oh what love brings!
Togetherness! Wonderfully they show
love in different ways.

And Finally! This historic adventure
of ups and downs comes to an end.
Age times by and second childishness begins,
No teeth to eat food unless 
it's mashed and pounded into softness,
Sight rarely helps and barely 
can they hear a thing,
The age of re childhood and weakness.
Mere oblivion and unconsciousness,
As though they never lived young,
And perhaps some with eyes of regrets
wishing life could have a second chance.
Wishing they could have another
opportunity to do what they couldn't,
They regret and pity 
they are in their sick beds,
As the clock ticks they bow in shame.
"I have wasted this life", they hear
this in their mind and it repeats. 
And for some others, knowing how
good and well they have done and lived,
Joyfully they speak, boldly they tell 
their stories to their children 
and their grandchildren.
As they talk of their achievements, there is
a sense of relief that they lived.
Suddenly, death comes calling,
And the end! Brings mourning.
Indeed! Life's in stages.
Be courageous to play your part, play it well!
Play it well my brother, live it wonderfully.


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