by Gyebi .N. Botwe

You with the sad eyes,
Be happy and strong,
Be firm! to the faith
and let God prove them wrong.
Stay encouraged, be filled with songs
of worship and release them as burning
incense to the Lord of Host.
Did He not say to you,
"Never will i leave you
And never will i forsake you"?
Did he not say "Stand still"?
Brethren, why worry of the lost times
you are walking through,
Why worry about tomorrow when
all you have is today and the moment,
Why give up when you journeyed all
the way across broken rivers and stagnant seas
just to arrive at a broken conclusion 
of saying no more can i walk,
no more can i journey because 
i am lost and i can not feel a miracle.
A miracle? if it's that only then i can
assure you that you in your beauty
and likeness are a miracle.
You are a miracle to inspire others,
The world around and beneath you.

Wake up to hope and kneel before the cross,
See those scars and flesh taken for you,
See those blood and water flowing 
out from the ribs of  our Lord Jesus,
See those mockeries and betrayals
thrown at him for not being guilty.
He was also alone on that tree,
He was being sacrificed with thorns 
of crown on his head but yet he saw the glory.
He in his bruised and hopeless state 
saw the righteousness restored back to humanity,
At the cross, he saw your sins, your weaknesses,
failures, those sorrows that breaks
your joy and happiness. 
Those fears about the uncertainty of the future,
The darkness that makes you hopeless.
The Lord Jesus was looking at that joy
to set you free and whole!

Is it the lost times that keeps you awake at night?
Tell me! Is it because the light has not appeared?
Well, let me tell you,
God never promised a journey
of wish of gold on a peasy platform.
He never said the journey will be easy!
But his promise says,
"My grace is sufficient for you."
Beloved, though the surroundings are hard and difficult,
Never give up!
Though they are mixed with junk voices
trying to pierce through our heart and veins.
Just remember his pure grace is sufficient for you.
Take control, guard your heart!
Read his words and cleanse your mind,
Calm down, God is listening to you.
Sit down, God is working for you.
Wake up to hope, Wake up to grace, Wake up to faith.
Rise, Race and Praise your way out,
It's coming together for your good.
Never give up, never loose hope!


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