by Gyebi .N. Botwe

Remember me, Remember us,
Remember the love we shared.
Those night of flowers we spent
on the future we had in each other.
Remember the first meeting
of which we never knew the
result will be love and love
is the reason we were made.
Though i am far from your shade,
your eyes do not see me anymore.
Though i behave like i have forgotten you,
Though i make me think you are my weakness
which of course you are not.
I have been trying to let go 
of this equation of  life but the 
more i try, the result is vain.
It just keeps me remembering and 
loving you more the whole time.

Remember me if you can,
Tell me to the generation out there,
And if you ever want to forget me,
You can but try doing it gently
for i am also human with feelings.
I know i do deserve to be erased
from your life, after all 
Who Am I?
But hey, it was my pride,
And i must admit, they make me worse.
Worsen i become all through my mind
and all through the days and weeks,
The tides rises and turns,
The sun sets and fall
And each day i sit right here 
looking into the sky as though
life has brought me down on my knees.
As though the heavens will make 
us come together again.
Whether it maybe hope or not. 
I miss you, I still think of you.
For one last time i say,


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