by Gyebi .N. Botwe

As the sun rises to bless our day,
She plays her part in our daily activities.
She plays it beautifully with harmony,
The way she glows and smiles,
The way she could go all those miles
to reach the deep depth of the earth.
She stretches her sweet soft hands
to overwhelm our depressions.
Think of it this way, how does every
creature play their part soo wonderfully?
They never slumber to react to their time,
They never feel reluctant to play 
this life given to them.
It's just wonderful, nature has her special
way of saying there is something
bigger than this shallow imaginations
we see and have.
She says GOD is the creator of
all these stupendous beings and 
things we see all through the space of life.
Brethren, this is the time to believe that
this God nature speaks of exists!

The God creation is never a myth,
Look around, just look at those 
mountains up there, the green leaves
and grasses the animals graze on.
The amazing sunrise and the sunset,
The tidal waves of the endless sea,
The smiling clouds and the skies up there,
The different seasons we observe,
The summer, autumn, the frosty winter 
and the brightening life of spring.
Our everyday life and the air we enjoy,
They are not just ordinary, No!
They mean to tell us something,
Something we may have heard before!
The stories! but this time with much
more realness and enthusiasm.
As we look and enjoy the outstanding
and astonishing looks they give,
They say to us;
"Believe in the creator for these
  you see are unique and real,
 These you see are gracious 
 handworks of the Almighty".
Woow, it's a miracle we see
throughout our years.

A miracle our fore fathers
once gazed upon and told
their generation, their children
And from generations to generations
this miracle has flown and be heard
by every child till today.
Today, we gather on the floor to hear
our parents describe this lovely miracle.
They move around making it look
more adventurous with each step,
with each word being said we be
in suspense because the curiousity
to know is blissful.
It's just amazingly wonderful!
We keep the promise to say this
unforgettable miracle to our generation,
We pledge to give and teach this miracle
from the same core to which we were told,
Not even a single word will be removed.
The realness and rawness with no dilution
is what we are going to give to them.
And hopefully, they will also keep
the story of this miracle going.


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